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Asking Nancy Pelosi a question through Google Glass

See what it was like for NBC News' Frank Thorp to engage with Nancy Pelosi during a news conference wearing Google Glass.

While reporters had a number of questions for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Calif., during her weekly press briefing today, she had a question for me when I asked about the fate of immigration reform in the House: "What’s with the Google Glass?"

I’ve been wearing Google Glass around Capitol Hill for the past three days to chronicle the experience of covering Congress from a first person point-of-view, taking pictures and video throughout my day.

While the reception of these electronic glasses has been mixed (House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t like them), the minority leader took our interaction today as an opportunity to inquire about them.

The exchange was not only caught by our NBC network camera, but also by the Google Glass, and Pelosi tweeted out video link of the interaction after the press conference: @NancyPelosi Glad to talk with @frankthorpNBC about our need to pass #immigration reform—though he looked a bit different today.

Google has been making its way across Capitol Hill letting lawmakers try on Google Glass since they were released earlier this year. Congressman John Dingell, D-Mich., tried them in June, and after being shown turn-by-turn direction on the device, the 87-year-old declared them "quite a machine!"

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