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Boehner: 'Polite' meeting but 'there's no plan' to replace sequester

NBC's David Gregory describes his interview with Speaker of the House John Boehner, who questioned whether or not there is a real plan to replace the millions in budget cuts referred to as the 'sequester.'

Despite a “polite” meeting between congressional leaders and the president, Republicans see no short-term pathway to a budget compromise, House Speaker John Boehner told NBC News Friday.

“Listen, we’ve known about this for sixteen months,” Boehner told NBC’s David Gregory in an exclusive interview on Capitol Hill after the White House meeting. “And yet, even today there’s no plan from Senate Democrats or the White House to replace the sequester.”

Minutes after his exclusive interview with Speaker John Boehner for "Meet the Press," NBC's David Gregory talks about Boehner's comments on why sequester negotiations remain stalled.

Asked by Gregory if he sees any path forward for compromise, Boehner offered a less-than-optimistic assessment of the bipartisan session with Obama and the vice president. 

“If I did, that meeting at the White House today might have gone better,” Boehner replied. 

The full exclusive interview will run on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. Check your local listings. 

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