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Videos: Homing in on drones

TODAY: For the first time, the Obama administration is sharing a classified Justice Department document that lays out the legal basis for drone strikes with members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committee. NBC's Michael Isikoff reports and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon says "the lines are blurred" between the military and CIA. 

MORNING JOE: Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss the recently uncovered memo regarding drone strikes on U.S. citizens. Wyden says it's time for more congressional oversight on the drone program and that he plans to push for more declassification on drone programs.

DAILY RUNDOWN: After years of secrecy, President Barack Obama has ordered the Justice Department to release the two Congressional Intelligence Committees classified documents discussing the legal justification for killing, by drone strikes and other means, American citizens abroad considered terrorists. The Daily Rundown's Chuck Todd reports.