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Videos: Obama pledges to tackle guns, immigration

The president used his inaugural address Monday to set the agenda for a second term, declaring he will fight for immigration reform and gay rights and tackle climate change and gun control, and defending entitlements like Medicare and Medicaid. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

The Morning Joe panel establishes that the president's second inauguration speech was geared to his liberal base. But how do blue-collar Democrats in states like Pennsylvania feel about Obama discussing gun control, same-sex marriage and global warming? MSNBC's Chris Matthews and San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro join the conversation.

NBC's Chuck Todd and Meet the Press moderator David Gregory examine the goals outlined in Barack Obama's second inauguration speech. Obama defended Medicare and Social Security and wants to tackle gun violence and immigration while also advancing gay rights. But in March, Congress will debate how to fund the government – and if they can't come to an agreement about the budget impasse, Obama's other goals will be that much more difficult.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden joins The Daily Rundown to discuss his state's proposal to ban assault-style weapons and whether the nation’s lawmakers can reach a broader agreement on the issue.