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No word from Supreme Court on same-sex marriage cases

What can we conclude from the fact that we did not get any word today on whether the Supreme Court intends to take up any of the gay marriage cases?

In a word, nothing.

NBC's Pete Williams updates The Cycle hosts from inside the Supreme Court on the Supreme Court's brief orders list that did not include any of the cases dealing with gay marriage.

One very likely explanation is that the court wants more time to discuss these cases and will re-schedule them for a future closed-door conference. This sometimes happens. Momentous cases are sometimes discussed in several conferences before the court acts.

It's also possible the court does not intend to take some of these cases up. Today, all the court issued was a list of the cases it granted.  We won't get the list of cases they're denying until Monday, so we'll have to wait until then.

But, of course, if they do want more time to discus, we won't see anything on the orders list Monday, either.

So we'll take it day by day.

Next important day: Monday, December 3rd.  There is one advantage: the orders list comes out at a set time -- 9:30 a.m.