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Watch the debate with NBC News

In the first of three presidential debates, President Barack Obama goes head-to-head with Republican nominee Mitt Romney Wednesday in Denver, Colorado. With just 34 days until Election Day, the candidates will field questions for 90 minutes on domestic policy beginning at 9 p.m ET.  We’ll carry the debate live on NBC News, and you can also get the full debate experience away from the television.

In what many have termed a social election season, the voice of voters will be heard online across social media platforms in real-time as the candidates’ debate the issues on-air.

Consider this your viewers guide to follow, like, fan and participate in Wednesday’s first presidential debate.

NBCPolitics.com and the NBC Politics App

NBCPolitics.com and the NBC Politics app (available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will livestream the debate and provide full analysis before, during and after the candidates speak in Denver.

Social TV

For the first time, NBC News will create an experience with new second-screen platform Zeebox. Within the app, users will have a curated view of real-time social media reaction along with the ability to share images and quotes from the debate as it happens. For more information, visit zeebox.com.

On-Air Social Integration

Similar to our integration into primetime broadcasts at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, NBC News will again utilize Mass Relevance technology to integrate social media on-air during the analysis portion of our broadcast (not during the debate portion). 

Truth Squad

Across all platforms, NBC News has formed an editorial team called “The Truth Squad.” Through real-time social media updates during the debates and further reporting afterwards, the team will be focused on fact-checking all statements from the candidates.


Viewers can be a part of the experience on Twitter by following and joining the conversation using the hashtag #NBCPolitics and by following @NBCPolitics and @NBCNews.


Turn to NBC News and NBC Politics on Facebook for a livestream of the debate in its entirety. In addition, check back for highlights, analysis and more commentary both during and after the event.


The NBC News Xbox application will also be live streaming the presidential and vice-presidential debates for the 2012 election season. Users with an Xbox Live Gold membership can watch the uninterrupted debates stream inside the application.

Crimson Hexagon Social Analysis

We're also tracking social media commentary on the major presidential candidates using a natural-language tool called ForSight, developed by Crimson-Hexagon Inc. Results are culled from all Twitter messages and a sampling of Facebook posts each day, and reflect not national opinion but a broader look at what's being said by Americans who follow politics and are active on Facebook, Twitter or both, and why they're saying it. Read more about the tool here.