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Christine O'Donnell considering political comeback


Delaware Republican Christine O'Donnell is apparently mulling a comeback, saying in an interview published Sunday that she is considering another run for Senate in 2014. 

“I think I owe that to my supporters, to at least consider a run,” O’Donnell told the Delaware News Journal in an interview published Sunday. “People sacrificed. Not only came out of their comfort zone — sacrificed to work hard in order to win the primary. And I think that I owe it to them to give it every consideration.”

O'Donnell ran for Senate in 2010, and her candidacy that year became emblematic of the Tea Party's effect on the Republican Party. She beat out longtime Rep. Mike Castle, a centrist Republican who was considered a shoo-in for the general election, in the Republican primary due to the support of conservatives and influential figures like Sarah Palin. 

O'Donnell struggled as a general election candidate, though, following revelations about her personal life — including a discrimination lawsuit against a former employer. Her admission about having "dabbled" in witchcraft also resulted in one of the most memorable political ads in recent memory. 

"I'm not a witch; I'm nothing you've heard," O'Donnell said in the ad. "I'm you."

O'Donnell lost to Democrat Chris Coons by 16 points that November, even with Republican headwinds aiding her and other GOP candidates across the country. Her race was instructive for GOP hopes of retaking the Senate that year. The party fell short of that goal when the several relative newcomers won the nomination over establishment-backed Republicans, and — like O'Donnell — stumbled in the general election. 

O'Donnell has remained active in Delaware politics since her loss. She tweeted a picture of herself at a fundraiser with Ann Romney this past July.