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Ad campaign to focus on Dems' flip-flop on Jerusalem platform language

A Republican advocacy group on Friday launched a new print ad campaign seeking to exploit the Democratic National Convention's platform reversal over Jerusalem, charging that the Democrats are "split when it comes to supporting Israel” and are "no longer the party of our parent's generation."

The Republican Jewish Coalition -- a group that is largely funded by Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and few other wealthy GOP donors -- said  it will run the full-page ads next week in 11 Jewish newspapers in four swing states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Nevada.

"At the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, N.C., it's become painfully clear that this party is no longer the Democratic Party of our parents' generation," the ad states. "This week has witnessed a shocking series of events. These regrettable incidents reveal a party that has wandered far from its origins."


The ad campaign, part of a $6.5 million effort by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), is the latest sign that the Jerusalem controversy at the convention could have lingering impact on the fall campaign. 

President Barack Obama accepts the Democratic presidential nomination and addresses the DNC, Thursday, in Charlotte, N.C.

When Democratic Party officials earlier this week realized the potential fallout from the platform committee's failure to include past language about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, they redrafted new language to reinsert it into the platform. That in turn led to an unexpected and divisive dispute on the convention floor on Wednesday: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chair,  three times asked delegates to approve by voice vote a motion reinstating language declaring that "Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel."

Despite a loud chorus of "No”s and some boos that appeared to be at least as loud as those shouting "Yes," Villaraigosa declared the motion to have passed by the required two-thirds vote.

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The RJC ads suggest that the party's efforts to "fix" the Jerusalem problem are not over. The ads describe the floor scene as a "stunning spectacle" and quotes a press report depicting it as "an embarrassing moment for the party."

Republican-leaning super PACs and the state of the economy are two issues causing concern for President Obama's re-election campaign as the Democratic National Convention wraps up in Charlotte, North Carolina. NBC's Kristen Welker, Chuck Todd, and Tom Brokaw report.

Meanwhile, Arab-American and Muslim delegates to the Democratic convention have decried the process by which the language was reinstated as clumsy and undemocratic.

James Zogby, the president of the Arab-American Institute who serves on the Democratic party's platform committee, told NBC News  he was concerned that "Arab Americans will feel they got punched in the solar plexus.”

"This was  ham-fisted and a blunder,” he said. “... They stepped all over  the convention the way this was done." 

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Michael Isikoff is a national investigative correspondent for NBC News. Follow him on Twitter: @IsikoffNBC