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Video: Tuesday night's DNC speeches

The NBC Politics team has compiled highlights from Tuesday night's Democratic National Convention speeches.


In an emotional speech, First Lady Michelle Obama says President Barack Obama remains anchored by the same values he brought to the White House nearly four years ago. 

San Antonio mayor Julian Castro touts the Democratic education platform and President Barack Obama's record while portraying GOP nominee Mitt Romney as a danger to the American Dream. "It's a choice between a country where the middle class pays more so that millionaires can pay less—or a country where everybody pays their fair share," says Castro.

Addressing the Democratic convention, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley says, "Facts are facts: No President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Great Depression inherited a worse economy, bigger job losses, or deeper problems from his predecessor. But President Obama is moving America forward, not back."

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick tells the Democratic convention crowd it's time for Democrats to not let President Barack Obama to be "bullied out of office," saying, "we're Americans. We shape our own future."

Actor Kal Penn reaches out to America's youth encouraging them to register and vote for President Barack Obama

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells of his time in the White House working side-by-side with President Barack Obama touting his decision making during a time of multiple crises.

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee says moderates are "conservative in the best sense of the word … and there's nothing conservative about today's Republican party."

Combat veteran and candidate for the US House of Representatives, Illinois, Tammy Duckworth endorses President Barack Obama as Commander in Chief saying he has lived up to his responsibilities "ending the war in Iraq, refocusing on Afghanistan and eradicating terrorist leaders including bin Laden."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gives a strong endorsement for President Barack Obama's record while slamming the GOP as a roadblock to progress at the Democratic National Convention.

Newark Mayor Corey Booker energetically outlines the new National Democratic Party platform.